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1. No cussing on message board I hate cussing if you cuss then I will take 1 block from you!

2. Once a character is taken you can't use the same character unless your character is from the future (like Future Trunks) or a clone of somebody else with their permission.

Blocking and Countering Attacks
3. In order to win you must put your 7 blocks or counters into detail which means it has to be better then your opponent's! Here what I expect in a good detailed block:
1. tell me the attack number you want to block or counter and the name of the attack
2. describe how you will block it if you was on the ground, in the air, or above the water floating while fighting. If you list all of those ground, air, or floating then you'll must likely get that block in but it must be in good detail form because keep in mind you must beat your opponent's block!
3. You can't use the same block or counter over again once you have used it unless you train by roleplaying!

4. You MUST submit your attacks in order to fight. IF you don't submit your attacks then you will lose! Remeber the more you describe your attack the better! Also you may make up your own attacks if you want as long as it has some type of weakness in the attack. In other words every attack you use can't be invisible maybe 1 or 2 attacks can be besides your special but other then that their can be no invisible attacks.

5. You may train on the roleplay board in order to get stronger. If you roleplay 10 lines then you get to use the same block 2 times! If you roleplay with 20 lines then you get to use the same block 3 times! If you to have the longest and best roleplay (which means quality counts too) then you will get a 2nd round advance in the tournament and you'll get to use the same block 3 times. The longer you make a roleplay the better chance you have at winning. Here's an example of a good roleplay:

Gohan is in the forest training near the waterfall doing fast punches and kickes on this target tree. He then starts to talk to himself while training

I have to train harder for the Tenkaichi Budokai I promised my Dad I would win this one! This time I'm going all out whenever I get the chance just as my father told me to do. The only thing I have a problem with is my mom she's so embrassing!! I could remember the last tournament when she kept on calling my name while fighting just think how uncool that made me look! Videl could also be in the tournament as well if she's in the tournament then I'll ust have to hope that I don't face her because if I do and I beat her then she'll probably break up with me. Hmmm.....maybe I should come in a different costume besides the Sayianman with a different mask so noone can see me go Super Saiyan when I do. Well then again that would be dishonest but it would save my life Gohan then charges up a ki ball and fires it at a tree and blows it up. I think I'll have a talk with Videl to make sure things are ok before the tournament. Hopfully I can trick her out of the tournament and then I would only have to worry about beating my father and Vegeta everyone else is not that hard to beat. But this tournament I will win because I have a new attack that is promised to defeat every opponent I can't wait to try it out! Gohan does Tri-form techinque and then spars with hisself Its time I take my fighting to the next level to become the universe's strongest!! Gohan power ups to his max and begins to fight himself in the air at an extreme speed! Gohan is hit by one of his clones in the stomach and by his other clone in the face with a kick. Gohan then get punched through a mountain and looks to be knocked out but then he gets back up and explodes into anger and turns Super Saiyan Level 2!!! Gohan then flies back up into the air and fights his super saiyan clones and easily dodges their attacks asthey begin to fight very fast. Gohan then just uses his energy to destroy his 2 clones once and for all. Gohan then powers down to his regular form and rest by a tree to give his muscles time to heal.

Gohan then continues to spar with his clone and then does his new attack on him and causes his clone to be highly damaged!!

Of course yours doesn't exactly have to be like mine in your roleplay you can have only action and no talking or both even out. But you MUST HAVE ACTION IN YOUR ROLEPLAY so I can see how you are training. My roleplay had 20 LINES so I'd get to use the same block over 3 times.


This is Will! Now that even I understand all of rules, I've gone to the liberty of placing these better, more clear rules up. They are basically the old rules, more or less. I'm leaving Lamonte's old rules up, however, to preserve them for the ages. :D


1. Donít forget to put the name of your character and e-mail address.

2. You must choose at least 10 attacks.

3. Then you must describe each attack with the utter most detail.

4. There are some rules on choosing your attacks. (A) No attacks can be described as ďKills the opponent automatically.Ē (B) Attacks must have some sort of weakness. (C) No attacks should lead to the opponentís death, because killing is against the rules. (D) Remember that no weapons, armor, or outside help is legal!

5. Check over your attacks, name, and e-mail.

6. Submit your attacks. Please wait until you get e-mail from me saying youíve been accepted. If your attacks donít meet the qualifications, I wonít e-mail you. But if they meet most of the qualifications I will ask you to change them.


1. No cussing, really bloody scenes, or anything else of the like in the training stories. Training that doesnít fit this qualification may be edited or deleted. Also, blocks will be taken away from your character.

2. You must have at least 10 lines in your training if you want extra blocks or counters. Each 10 lines, the maximum being 70, gives you 1 extra block/counter each.

3. Please put your e-mail and characterís name in each training session.

4. By the old rules, the longest and best-detailed training story awards the person an automatic advance to the next round. Iím changing this. No automatic advances because of training.

5. Personally, Iíd like to see some good detail in the stories. I like stories...


1. First, the Referee/Game Master will send (via e-mail) you and your opponent each otherís attack lists.

2. Choose 7 of your opponentís attacks that you think you can block or counter.

3. Tell, in as much detail as possible (the detail helps you pull it off), how you will block or counter each attack if your opponent happens to use it in battle. You may only use each block once, unless you trained for 10 lines or more. See the Blocks System Rules.

4. The battle now begins. You must choose 7 of your attacks you will use during the battle, tell them to the Referee/Game Master, and then it will be decided who goes first (flipping a coin or something).

5. The fighter that goes first will pick one of the 7 chosen moves he would like to use first.

6. The Referee/Game Master will decide if the attack hits, depending on the detail of both your attack and the opponentís block or counter.

7. If the attack used is not one of the attacks the opponent chose to block or counter, then that attack will automatically hit the opponent because he was caught off guard.

8. If either fighter is knocked outside of the ring (thereby touching the ground), then that fighter loses. The Referee/Game Master decides this.

9. If not, then the fight continues until all moves have been used. The fighter that was hit the most (has the most damage) loses. The winner advances to the next round.

10. Remember, no killing your opponent. Youíll be disqualified if you do. You can tell if the attack kills the opponent or not by what the attack does. Cutting him or her in half is an example. If this does happen, then the other fighters will continue the budokai without the fighters from that match.


During the tournament fights you may only use one block or counter against your opponentís attacks once. For example, if Gohan dodges Vegetaís attack, then Gohan will have to come up with another way to block or counter the next attack. That is unless youíve trained for 10 lines or more. Each 10 lines give 1 extra block or counter. That means that if you role-played for 30 lines in your training story, then you can dodge 3 extra times. Would you like an in depth look at the Block System in play? Lamonte tells us below exactly how it works in combat.

For example if I picked out these attacks from your list I'd have to say how I would counter them:

1. Kamehameha

2. Big Bang

3. Beam Cannon

4. Super Kick

5. Final Buster

6. Time Freeze

7. Spirit Bomb


1. Dodge (can't use it over again unless I role-played 10 or more lines)

2. Use Super Speed to fly around it

3. Turn my body into pure light so it can go through me

4. Teleportation Goku style

5. Use Super Kaioken Attack form and absorb it

6. Since my mind isn't frozen I'll use mind telekinesis to throw a huge rock at you so that the time will unfreeze

7. Shoot an energy blast at you to stop you