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NOTE: I only wrote the end this time because AOL missed me up and I had other things to do sorry! The next tournament I'll try to write the whole thing.

Chibi Trunks vs Gogeta

Gogeta powers up the Chou Kamehameha and then Trunks goes to his max in SSJ form and powers up his Final Buster to its highest level!!! Gogeta then fires the Chou Kamehameha and then Trunks finally uses up almost all his ki and throws the Final Buster causing him to fall down to the ground. When the 2 ki blast meet the final buster goes through the Chou Kamehameha(splits it in half) and hits Gogeta in a explosion!!! falling from the air Vegeta and Goku are unfused with torn clothes and have smoke falling off them and they hit the ground hard! Goku then says to hisself: The boy is stronger then I thought and passesout! Trunks manages to get up afterwards barely breathing hard! Winner: Chibi Trunks

Schrider vs Piccolo

Schrider turned out to be a low class fighter and powered up to his max and tried to hit Piccolo with all his attack and Piccolo at his lowest level easy dodged all of them with his arms crossed the whole time. Piccolo then teleported in front of Schrider and punched him in the face causing him to fly over the water and was never seen again (until the end of the tournament)! Winner: Piccolo

Unknown Saiyan vs Burter

Burter sensing U.Saiyan's ki tried to run away from the match but U.Saiayn cought him with a Mega kick in the stomach causing Burter to fall to his knees and then face first to the ground! Winner: Unknown Saiyan

Ginyu vs Veggeto

Veggeto and Ginyu fought really fast for about 1 minute then Ginyu final cought Veggeto by kicking him hard in the stomach then teleporting behind him and doing a huge ki blast! Veggeto then falls foward on the ground face first. Winner: Ginyu

Round 2

Duloong vs Trunks(BEST FIGHT)

(The two are bloodly and hurt badly)Trunks after being hit with Duloong's Genocide Attack gets really angry and goes SSJ to finish Duloong off flying downward from high up in air to Duloong. Duloong then smiles and waits for him a bit and powers up the Big Bang Attack and fires it at Trunks right before he can hit Duloong with his fist!! This not only causes a huge explosion but Trunks flips downards out of the smoke into the water! Winner: Duloong

Piccolo vs Chibi Trunks

Piccolo couldn't compete with this little saiyan warrior! Trunks ended the fight quickly by a destruction blast(even though Piccolo blocked it he used up all his ki to do so and passed out)! Winner: Chibi Trunks

Unknown Saiyan vs Ginyu

Ginyu hurt Unknown Saiyan really bad and surprised everyone by doing so with a lot of fast attacks and ki blast!! Unknown Saiayn came back though with his utra combo's and own ki tricks! Near the end Ginyu put the backbreaker on U.Saiyan after catching him open(U.Saiyan spit up a lot of blood!)!! But this just got him excited!!! Ginyu then let Unknown Saiyan go(BIG MISTAKE) and U.Saiyan played like he was knocked out. Right before the ref was about to raise the arm of Ginyu U.Saiyan out of no where hit Ginyu with the Mega Punch in the stomach!!!! He almost punched a hole through him but he remembered that he couldn't kill and let go. Ginyu fell off his feet trying to breathe for air. Unknown Saiyan almost got kicked out but didn't. Winner: Unknown Saiyan

Semi Final

Unknown Saiyan vs Chibi Trunks

Chibi Trunks almost had this match won but just wasn't strong enough to continue on with the dangerous Unknown Saiyan! At the end Chibi Trunks used up all his power to fire his Burning Attack even though it hit Unknown Saiyan he still got up barely! Unknown Saiyan then finished Trunks off by grabbing him by the hair then throwing him up in the air followed by meeting him in the air and back hand punching Trunks into the water. Afterwards he got him out the air and smiled knowing that he'd become a champion! Winner: Unknown Saiyan


Duloong vs Unknown Saiyan

Unknown Saiyan was just to much for Duloong! At the end Unknown Saiyan used his Ultima Combo followed by a head but on Duloong(knocking Duloong out) to claim his title as the Universe's Strongest! Winner: Unknown Saiyan

World Champion: Duloong
Universe Champion: Unknown Saiyan