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The show kicks off with the cameras panning around Cinergy Field, which has been covered over by a tarp to prevent any kind of rain from falling on the competitors. In attendance is largest audience in any event history. The camera then focuses and zooms in our our new pay per veiw announce team trio. The announce team of BomberMan, from the SWF, Ryan from the OCWF, and Vinnie Vic, former reporter of the SOCWF.

RYAN: Hello SOCWF fans, and welcome to the biggest sporting event in the history of earth! This, my freinds, is St. Patrick's Slaughter! The money that the SOCWF will bring in tonight will put our company over the edge! We have the best wrestlers and maybe the most famous celebrities in the history of the world! If it wasn't great enough that the SOCWF had the likes of Sam Horrey, Brian Flash, Ryan Matthews, and Fury, we have picked up a few new guys. Just like the men I just mentioned, these men are known world wide. They are men like James Kimson, Slim Shady, and Slasher. And all of these men are here tonight!

BOMBERMAN: That's right. This card has a projected rating double any other event in all of time. Let's go over some of our matches...

VIC: That's a great idea. Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have nine great matches. But the one on most peoples minds have to be the main event for the vacant SOCWF world heavyweight title. This match pits Clawdya Pride versus Brian Flash. After much contraversy, this match has been decided to be a "Brian Flash Deathmatch". In this match the ropes will be removed and replaced with barbed wire. The turnbuckles will be set with weak explosives. There will be a ladder available to climb and get the staple gun suspended above the ring. All of this and more. This will definately be the match of the night.

RYAN: But a match that may give this one a run for the money is the match between the two men who ended their feds with the titles. These men are Sam Horrey and James Kimson. They are the two most dominant forces in wrestling today, and some say that they should be fighting for the vacant title. As a matter of fact, the winner of this one may eventually become the next champion.

BOMBERMAN: Speaking of champions, what about our battle royal for the Intercontinental Title? This match is as close as they are gonna get. Anyone can win it.

RYAN: In the UCW Slim Shady and Fury had some unfinished business. Tonight, the scores will be settled. Who will win the re-match that never happened?

BOMBERMAN: A great match on the card tonight is Ryan Matthews versus Slasher in a no DQ/ Iron Man match. The fans have been waiting for this one. These two men have a lot of beef. Last time they hooked up Slasher came out on top. But who will win in the one half hour marathon man here tonight? It should take more than one fall to win this one.

VIC: Tonight we will also see the return on Flashing Thunder.

RYAN: And they will be in a three way tag match that will include their leader, Brian Flash on an opposing team! The odds are stacked against the Immortalz keeping their belts here tonight.

BOMBERMAN: But what is this surprise that The Immortalz have been warning Brian Flash about?

RYAN: ll find out the answers to all of the questions and more in just a few moments! Meanwhile, lets get down to the ring for our first match!

Carlotta Pride v. Jasmine O'Brannon

The two competitors came to the ring for tonights opening contest. The crowd is at a defening volume as excitement for the pay per veiw to start filled the air. Excitement was just a few short seconds away. Finally, the bell rang and the match began. The two locked up. Carlotta won the lock up and sent Jasmine into the ropes. Jasmine bounced back right into a clothesline from Carlotta. Carlotta continued with a rear chinlock on Jasmine. She broke the hold and stomped Jasmine in the back. Eventually Jasmine took control of the match on a blocked German suplex and hit a stunner. Jasmine then hit a suplex and followed with a legdrop. At one point Jasmine hit a spinning heel kick, knocking Carlotta out of the ring. After a few minutes, Carlotta regained control of the match when she blocked several punch and kick attempts from Jasmine. They battled for a short while. The match finally ended when Carlotta went for an Irish whipe into the corner, but was reversed and Carlotta hit the buckles hard. She bounced of and into a suplex attempt by Jasmine. The suplex was block and Carlotta hit her finisher and got the three count! Carlotta celebrated her win here in the opening contest of St. Patrick Slaughter!

WINNER: Carlotta Pride (12:45)

Clips were shown off the Immortalz, Big Red, Brian Flash, and Flashing Thunder. This ment it was time for our tag team title contest. We are about to witness the return of Flashing Thunder from the injury that Justin Flash received from Dave Divine. The Immortalz, Big Red, Brian Flash, and Flashing Thunder all have hatred towrds each other. Big Red and Brian Flash have set their differences aside for now to try and take the tag gold. And with The third team in this match being the henchmen of Brian Flash, the odds are highly stacked against the Immortalz. But what is the Immortalz surprise that they have been talking about?

Immortalz (tc) v. Flashing Thunder v. Big Red and Brian Flash in a three way elimination match for the SOCWF Tag Team Titles

First to the ring came Big Red to a chorus of boos. Next came his partner, Brian Flash, to an even bigger negative response from the crowd. Then came the tag team champions. The team of Nopoleon and Dave Divine, The Immortalz. Finally came the men who have been absent for the past month or so. The evil henchmen of Brian Flash, so to speak. The team of Justin Flash and Al Thunder, Flashing Thunder. Before the match Brian Flash took the mic...

BRIAN: In just a few short moments, you assholes in the crowd will witness the crowning of new champions. Whether it be me and Big Red, or Flashing Thunder, The Iommortalz will go down. And as for my girlfreind, Tina... I just want to say I miss and love you. Please come bak, sweetie.

With that said the match got underway. Divine and Big Red started in the ring. These two have a one on one match later tonight. Big Red dominated the encounter and eventually forced Divine to tag to Nopoleon. Big Red had little trouble taking out Nopoleon, but before he could get the fall, Nopoleon tagged in Al Thunder. Al Thunder paused before going after Big Re, but they eventually locked up. At first, Big Red was in control, but soon Thunder took him down with a drop toe hold. After a while, Big Red tagged Brian Flash and Al Thunder tagged Nopoleon. Nopoleon and Brian had a great fought competition. At one point Brian Flash missed a moonsault, but landed on his feet and caught Nopoleon in a reverse DDT. Nopoleon eventually got control of Brian and hit him with a piledriver. Just to spice things up, he tagged in Brian's twin brother, Justin Flash. Justin helped Brian up, and the two stood face to face. They were about to lock up when they hugged, laughed and Justin tagged Nopoleon. Brian and Nopoleon went at it once again. Brian blocked a DDT attempt and hit the Brian Buster. Just then Divine jumped in the ring and clotheslined Brian, knocking him out. The ref got Divine out of the ring. Eventually Nopoleon and Flash stumbled to their feet. Nopoleon then dodged a punch from Brian and tagged Divine. Divine ran to every corner of the ring, taking out all of his opponents that were on the apron. He then set Brian up for the God's Wrath! Brian Flash and Big Red are about to be eliminated. But wait, Brian reversed Divines finisher and hit the Brian Buster! He made the cover. 1,2, NO! Justin Flash and Al Thunder just attacked Brian Flash! It's a double cross! I don't belive it! Big Red rolled into the ring to Brian's aid, but was taken out by Flashing Thunder. Now Flashing Thunder is focusing just on Brian Flash. They seem to be setting him up for some type of dangerous double team manuever. But waut! What's this!? Tina is running down the isle with a chair in hand! Tina, Brian's boyfreind, is back! I don't believe it! She rolls into the ring with the chair. The crowd has exploded at the sight of this playboy playmate. She is going to save Flash. She swings the chair and... WHAT THE HELL!? She just hit Brian Flash! It's another double cross! Tina was in on it, too! Thunder makes the cover. 1,2,3! The team of Big Red and Brian Flash has been eliminated. Nopoleon is in the ring now. Al Thunder just laid down! Nopoleon with the cover.1,2,3! It's over! The Immortalz win and keep the tag belts! Now Dave Divine is getting in the ring with the mic...

DIVINE: Hey, Brian... SURPRISE! Hahaha! And you thought the odds were stacked against us...

JUSTIN: Big Red, Brian Flash... we are Immortalz now. And let me tell you... don't mess with the Immortalz! And Brian, my dear twin brother... I must say you are quite good looking, but you just didn't have what it takes to lead a group. So you can find new mebers to be in your little "Flashing Thunder" click. But Al and I are gone.

TINA: That's right! I'm baaack! Brian, these two guys weren't missing for weeks looking for me. They were with me, and we were planning out how we would destroy you. Why did I turn on you? Because you had to much control over me. You treated me like I was your own personal property. I wanted to be in Playboy magazine, but you wouldn't have it. Well, I won't have you. And I must admit, that chair shot I just gave you felt pretty damn good.

NOPOLEON: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the New Immortalz!

The five celebrate in the ring as the crowd has a mixed reaction. What a shocking turn of events! This night has just begun to get interesting.

WINNERS: The Immortalz (still champs)(12:09)

Smoke v. Mirage

The two competitors entered the ring for the newest addiotion to the card. This match was just added yesterday, so not much anticipation had been built up. The bell rang and the two locked up. Smoke won the lock up and kicked Mirage in the stomach. Smoke followed up with a spinning neck braker. She then dropped a leg across Mirage's chest. The match continued and the upper hadn swutched quite a few times. At the end of the match many fast paced moves were performed. Smoke went for a back body drop, but Mirage saw it comming and hit a famouser. She then locked in a headlock. But then Smoke broke the hold and stumble to her feet only to be taken out by Mirage's finisher, Mira's Fury! It was a vicious superkick to the face. Mirage made the cover and the referee counted. 1,2,3! The match ended with Mirage barely escaping with a pinfall victory!

WINNER: Mirage (6:56)

Dave Divine (tv) defends v. Brig Red Retard

Earlier tongiht there was a huge event that occured and two men involved in that event were about to face each other one on one right here. First to the ring came Big Red to a mixed reaction. Next to the ring, along with Nopoleon, Justin Flash, Al Thunder, and Tina, came The SOCWF television champion, Dave Divine. He lead his New Immortalz to the ring with the tag belt and the tv belt shinning over his shoulders. Big Red didn't seem to happy at all that The New Immortalz were at ringside. You could almost be sure that one, if not all of them would interfere. The bell rang and the match began. Big Red went right for the chokeslam and grabbed Divine's throat. But before he could lift him, Divine kciked Big Red in the mid section, causing the move to be broken up. Divine followed with a DDT attempt, but the powerul Big Red stopped it, and hit a belly to belly suplex. Big Red then got up and pressed his big boot into Dave Divine's throat, choking him. The ref got Big Red off, just before he was about to disqualify him. Big Red then climbed the buckles, awaiting Dave Divine to get up so he could hit a flying clothesline. The ref was on him knees seeing if Divine was okay when Al Thunder drilled Big Red in the back, causing him to fall off of the top ropes and onto the cement arena floor. Tina then got in the ring and distracted the ref as Nopoleon, Justin, and Al all stomped Big Red. After a barrage of stomps the Immortalz rolled Big Red back into the ring. This is where Divine took control. Dave Divine set Big Red up on the top turnbuckle. Divine then hit a super fall away slam! Big Red caughed as the wind was knocked from his body. Divine made the cover and the ref counted. 1, 2, no, a one and a half count. Divine picked Big Red up by his hair and went for a slam. The slam attempt was blocked and Big Red lifted Divine up for a tombstone. Big Red hit the tombstone! Big Red then lifted Divine from to his feet and hit an underhook DDT! Big Red made the cover and the ref counted 1,2, no! Nopoleon just pulled the ref out of the ring by his foot. Now The Immortalz and stomping the hell out of the ref. Now The Immortalz and all in the ring and after Big Red. Nopoleon just missed a clothesline and hit Justin Flash, sending him to the outside of the ring. Big Red then chokeslammed Nopoleon and hit an underhook DDT on Al Thunder. Big Red then made the cover on Divine, but the ref was still out. Just then a second ref rushed down the ramp and into the ring. He counted 1,2,3! The match was over! Big Red had gotten his revenge on Divine and bocame the New SOCWF TV champion!

WINNER: Big Red Retard (new champ)(13:46)

Clips from the UCW were shown where Fury and Slim Shady would have encounters. This next match meant a lot to both men. Before they could settle their differences their fed shut down and Fury came here. After a few go arounds in another fed, Slim Shady has joined the SOCWF and started a fued for the ages.

Slim Shady v. Fury

Slim Shady came down first to an enormous amount of cheers. This was his SOCWF debut. Then the lights dimmed and red filled the arena as Fury came down the ramp. This man seems to be returning to his old ways of the flame. The competitors stood face to face in the ring as the bell sounded. Words were exchanged and then the fight broke out. They two men traded lefts and rights. Fury eventually got the upperhand after blocking several punchs and sent Slim Shady out of the ring with a elbow to the face. Fury rolled out of the ring to join Slim. He sent Slim into the gaurdrail with an Irish whip. He followed with a cross body block attempt, but Slim moved and Fury hit the railing and flipped into the crowd. Slim suplexed him back into the ringside area then rolled him into the ring. Slim picked Fury up by the head and gave him a few forearms to the small of the back. Slim Shady then locked on a sleeper hold. Fury was quick to break the hold. He lifted Slim up on his back and fell backwards, knocking the wind out of Slim Shady. Fury capatalized by climbing to his feet and stomping Slim to the outside of the ring. Fury climbed the ropes and hit a double axehandle from the top rope to the arena floor on Slim Shady. Fury picked Slim up and Irish whipped him toward the ring post, but Slim Shady reversed it and Fury went sailing into the steel pole. Slim Shady then pile drived Fury onto the cement before rolling him back into the ring. Slim went for the cover and got a two count. The match contnued for a while with Slim having the upper hand but at one point Fury had control before Slim got it back. At one point Slim Shady ducked a boot to the face by Fury and kicked Fury's other leg out from underneath him, knocking Fury over, then dropping a leg across Fury's throat. The match ended when Fury had Slim layed out and was ascending the buckles to perform a flying leg drop. But he took too much time and Slim Shady got to his feet. The two battled and both were balanced on the top buckles. They traded blows, every time almost knocking each other off the top rope. Slim then blocked a punch, kneed Fury in the stomach and hit "The Overdose", a power bomb from the top rope! The moved took power out of both men, Slim Shady was up now and while he was helping Fury up Fury seemed to be finished he couldn't even get to his feet. Finally Slim Shady tried again but this time Fury waited until Slim's face was open for attack and hit the torched on Slim Shady with a rebound attack!! Fury hooked Slim's leg and got the cover 1..2..3!! A phenomenal match!

WINNER: Fury (16:30)

Footage was shown from the title reign of James Kimson in the SWF. The footage of Sam Horrey's championship reign in the OCW. In the begining of the SOCWF, right after the merger of these two feds, a match was supposed to take place between the two former champions of the two merging feds. James Kimson never showed and eventually Sam Horrey beat Brian Flash to become the first ever SOCWF champion. Now, tonight, the question will fiannly be answered. Who was the better champion?

James Kimson came to the ring first to an enourmous amount of boos and jeers. Next came Sam Horrey along with Mindy. The crowd exploded into screams and cheers at the sight of their favorite wrestler. The two men stood face to face in the ring. They glared at each other hatefully. No words were exchanged, just looks. The bell rang and the match that we have all been waiting for was under way. Sam Horrey won the lock up and spun quickly into the Catihajimi, but Kimson reached the ropes in a matter of seconds. Horrey belly to belly suplexed the stunned Kimson into the center on the ring. Horrey locked in an armbar, but Kimson wasn't close to submitting. Kimson eventually got to the ropes. Horrey pulled Kimson away from the ropes and went for a hardaway Samplex, but Kimson blocked it and elbowed Sam in the head. He followed with a clothesline sending Horrey to the mat. Kimson the pressed his foot against Horreys forehead and tisted his boot around, stretching the skin of Horrey! Kimson then lifted Sam up and locked him in a headlock. With a few elbows to Kimsons abdomen, Horrey broke the hold. Horrey then bounced off the ropes he knocked Kimson to the mat with a shoulder block. The match continued for a very long time seeing both competitors stay pretty equal through out the match. A ton of reversals and counter attacks were performed throuhgout the match. At one point, Horrey flipped out of a German suplex and locked on the Catihajimi once again, onbly for Kimson to reach the ropes. The match came to its peak when Kimson ducled a clothesline from Horrey and locked on the Kimson Crunch. This move was a abdominal strain lcoked on to perfection. After about thirty seconds Horrey spun out of the hold and behind Kimson. Horrey locked on the Catihajimi and locked his legs around Kimsons waist. Kimson remained on his feet, stumbling more and more as time passed. Out of nowhere Kimson dropped back to the mat, with his weight landing on Horrey and forcing him to release the hold. Kimson then rolled away, stood, scraped Horrey off the canvas and hit the "Kimson Drop", or a sitdown piledriver! He made the cover on Horrey and the ref counted 1,2,3! In a match where reversals and mat skills where needed most, Kimson has defeated Sam Horrey! I don't believe it! Does this mean the Kimson should be champion?! The crowd errupted into hisses and boos as James Kimson celebrated in the ring.

WINNER: James Kimson (27:57)

Battle Royal for the vacant SOCWF Intercontinental Title

The match participants were Dave Divine, Nopoleon, Justin Flash, Forgotten, Jasmine, Smoke, Morpheus, Big Red Retard, and Carlotta Pride. The competitors filled the ring and as soon as the bell rung, Brian Flash came running down the ramp with a steel chair. He nailed his twin brother in the head, demolishing the cair. Brian then hit the Brian Buster on Justin and proceeded to toss him over the top rope and onto the floor, eliminating him from the match. Before Brian could exit the ring, Dave Divine and Nopoleon attacked him and sent him over the top. The match continued with one participant out early. Jasmine and Carlotta double teamed Big Red in the corner. Across the ring Morpheus dominated Smoke. Smoke was sent sailing over the top rope after receiving a missile dropkick from Morpheus. Jasmine was quick to attack Morpheus after that. Something strange has been goin on between these two. This left Carlotta one on one with Big Red. Carlotta beat him down, but couldn't get the big man over the top. Just the Forgotten drilled Carlotta from behind, sending her over the top. Forgotted then dumped Big Red over the top. Meanwhile Jasmine hit a hurrancanrada from the top rope on Morpheus. Dave Divine and Nopoleon attacked Morpheus form behind and hit a double reverse suplex. It took both of them to finally eliminate Morpheus from the battle royal as they poured him over the top and onto the floor. The match was down to four. Dave Divine, Nopoleon, Jasmine, and Morpheus. Divine and Nopoleon watched as Jasmine and Morpheus destroyed each other. When the time was right, they joined in on the fight. Dave Divine hit "God's Wrath" on Jasmnie then tossed her over the top and onto the floor. But Nopoleon wasn't having the same luck with Forgotten. Forgotten had Nopoleon hanging over the top and just about to elimnate him, when Divine broke the attempt. Divine and Nopoleon double teamed Forgotten, but when Forgotten blocked a double suplex attempt, things changed. Forgotten dropkicked Nopoleon to the corner, and followed with a bog splash. He then ducked a puch from Divine grabbed him by his hair, and tossed him over the top. But Divine hung on and pulled himself back to the ring apron. But Morpheus wouldn't have it as he dropkicked Divine off of the apron and into the gaurdrail, eliminating him. It was down to Forgotten and Nopoleon. They battled for a while. Eventually Dave Divine got back up from the outside of the ring and tossed a chair to Nopoleon. Nopoleon leveled Forgotten with the cair, sending him stumbling toward the ropes. Dave Divine pulled down the top rope causing Forgotten to roll over the top and onto the floor. The bell rang and the Intercontinental title was handed to Nopoleon.

WINNER: Nopoleon (new champ)(13:34)

Slasher v. Ryan Matthews

Old SOCWF footage is shown at Winter Warfare when Slasher came back as the Mystery Man and he hit Matthews with the Slash Kick knocking him out! Footage is then shown of Slasher hitting Matthews again with the Slash Kick and then Matthews and Slasher look up at each other in the eyes. Then footage is shown of Slasher taking on the Immortalz and then getting powerbombed through a table and out comes Matthews to the rescue and at the end it shows Slasher standing over Matthews with a evil smile on his face after he knocked him out cold with Forgotten beside Slasher. Then the match got under way as the fans have been waiting to see this match for a long time!

"Faith" by Limp Bizkit blast over the P.A. system and a flame of fire goes up in the entrance way, afterwards out walks Ryan Matthews with a Cleveland Browns #2 (Tim Couch) jersey on. The fans boo Ryan Matthews like crazy and Matthews laughs at them all as hewalks down the aisle and grabs a mic from the SOCWF announcer then he gets in the ring and begins to talk.

Ryan: (Ryan Sucks chant start and Ryan looks around gettin mad for a bit) You know something you all can kiss my (BEEP). I have the right to wear any type of jersey I want when I want and if you don't like then you can shove your crappy team jersey striaght up your fat lazy asses!! Now I know what you people came to see you came to see me beat the hell out of Slasher or Mr. Revolution X as he call himself (Crowd of fans cheer widly and get out their seats cheering on Slasher as a chant for him starts up) it makes no different how much you call on Slasher because Slasher knows that he's no match for a person like myself. Slasher I embrassed you in the OCWF and put you in the hospital and tonight I'll do it again and if you got a problem with that tough guy then why don't you just come on down right now and do something about it we can get this match started right!! (Fans cheer and Slasher chants start but after 1 minute of wiating still no Slasher) Just what I thought a striaght up no good puss......("Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit blast over the P.A. system and the fans wait for Slasher to walk out on the entrance way but their is no Slasher but then all of sudden the camera finds Slasher up in the sea of thousands of fans holding a mic with the fans cheering for him. Ryan Matthews looks on Slasher and Slasher looks back on him from the audience and then he begins to talk. )

Slasher: Mathews I've been wait for this for a long time how bout you meet me half way through this audience you sorry son of a b*tch!!! (Bell rings!)

Matthews slams the mic down in the ring and then runs toward Slasher in the audience and Slasher runs toward Matthews in a striaght path made by the guards in the audienc of fans. Matthews tries to hit Slasher with a running clothesline but Slasher ducks and hits Matthewswith a hard right fist knocking down Matthews. Slasher then picks up Matthews by the hair and guides him through the sea of fans then he slams his head down hard on the guardreil then he throws him over the guardreil to the ringside area. Slasher then embraces Matthews but Matthews slows down Slasher's fire with a legsweep followed by a stomp to his private part. Matthews then tries to whip Slasher into the steel stairs but slasher reverses and he whips Matthews instead into the steel stairs. Grabbing a chair Slasher waits until Matthews gets up he tries to hit Matthews over the head with the chair but Matthews manages to catch the chair on time and then he kicks Slasher in the stomach and he hits Slasher over the head with the chair. Matthews then helps Slasher up by the hair and guides him over to the commentary table and slams his head hard into the table then he takes some water Vic is drinking and drinkings some himself then splashes some in the face of Slasher blinding him temporarly. As Slasher was trying to rub his eyes so he could see Matthews took the commentary microphone cable and choked Slasher have to death! Trying to get some oxygen Slasher crawls while on the floor and Matthews charges after Slasher while he is crawling and kicks him hard in the stomach like a field goal kick knocking Slasher down and causing him to hold his stomach. Matthews then threw Slasher in the ring and whipped him into the turnbuckle and began to kick him in the midsection repeatly and he choked him. (Slasher chants start) Matthews then whipped Slasher over to the other turnbuckle and then he went for the big splash but Slasher managed to move out the way causing Matthews to hit his head on the top turnbuckle. Slasher quickly got behind Matthews and did a multiple number of german suplex's on Matthews at least 4 of them afterwards Slasher and Matthews were both down. After about a couple of seconds Slasher began to some how get up and so did Matthews...charging at him Matthews put Slasher right back down with a flying knee to the face Matthews then stomped away on Slasher and picked him back up and went for the DDT but Slasher punched Matthews in the side stopping him from doing so and took Matthews off his feet with a crossover clothesline. Heading to the outside Slasher went under the ring looking for a table and got one indeed and put it into the ring he then put 2 chairs inside the ring as well. Slasher grabbed a chair and then hit Matthews over the back with the chair making Matthews roll around in pain. Setting up the table Slasher put the chair in the middle of the table and then signaled to the fans that he was going to put Matthews through the table. Slasher hit Matthews with a couple of hard right fist then whipped him hard into the turnbuckle Slasher put Matthews on on top and he went up their with him....Matthews fought bakc though with hard right fist of his own trying to knock Slasher down through the table but Slasher eye gouged him and then set him up for the Scythe Bomb!!! The fans were on ther feet as Slasher had it locked and right to go...only Matthews countered the move just in time with a spinebuster off the top through the table (fans are shocked)!!!! A badly hurt Slasher is down and Ryan barely walking himself went over to the turnbuckle to catch his breath while Slasher lay their in total pain from that move. Helping Slasher up Ryan threw Slasher over the top ropes and to the ringside area in front of the steel ramp Matthews guided Slasher by the hair up the ramp to the entrance way, their Matthews made sure the table was set up down below then he ramp then Ryan tried to powerbomb Slasher through the table possibly trying to end his career here but Slasher managed to slip off on time and when Ryan turned around Slasher hit the Slasher kick on Ryan causing him to fall of the edge of the ramp into the table!!! The fans went in a uproar of priase to Slasher...walking down the aisle to where Matthews lay down almost out cold Slasher helped Matthews up and led him where the side of the stands where the fans were then he threw Ryan's head into the hard wall and kick him in the stomach following that up with a DDT on the concrete floor. Slasher then signaled he for he flying heatbutt of the top of the stands. Heading all the way to the top of the stands Slasher when he got up their was cheered loudly by the fans then he flew off the top the stands only to have a boot get put in face while coming down by Ryan. Grabbing his face in pain Slasher struggled to get up and Ryan now with a steel pole in his hands slammed the pole down on Slasher's right leg trying to injury him. Ryan then picked Slasher up in excuted a nice reverse suplex on the concrete floor. Ryan then took a beer bottle and helped Slasher up then busted it over the head of Slasher causing him to bleed a bit but Slasher didn't go down still. Angry Ryan took yet another beer bottle and busted it over the head off Slasher but he stil won't go down. Ryan then just clotheslined Slasher down on the ground (Matthews sucks chant start) looking around at the crowd he got a little angry and took his eyes off Slasher....taking him up and off his feet Slasher slammed Ryan up then back down with a spine buster. Helping Ryan back to his feet he guided Ryan by the hair to the backstage area and slammed Ryan's head up against the dressing room of Jasmine causing the door to open and inside with only a towel on Jasmine screams and slaps Ryan in the face thinking he was a pervert. Slasher then nailed Ryan with a reverse russian leg sweep (downward spiral) on ground afterwards he led Ryan over to the snack area where some of the fans were already and Slasher took a snickers and ate some of it then he stuff the rest of of down the throat of Matthews! Looking for the Cobra Clutch suplex Slasher told the fans to move out the way and set up a dinning table for Matthews to go through.. but when Slasher came back Ryan kicked Slasher in the midsecion and then powerbombed him down hard on the floor. Limping a bit Ryan picked up Slasher from behind and side suplexed him on the dinning table. Ryan then took Slasher and set him up in a chair Ryan then went to the top of the bar table came down on Slasher with the Trip to Pain!! Ryan then grabbed a half beatin to death Slasher by the hair and slammed him into the drinking machine....Ryan afterwards led Slasher outside the arena to the parking lot. Their were fans outside the arena and Matthews tried to embrass Slasher by stompping him hard on the concrete and then grabbing him by the hair while Slasher was on his knee bleeding like crazy and asked the fans: IS THIS YOUR HERO?! Ryan then slammed Slasher's head up against a white Lincoln and Ryan then tried to slam Slasher's head into the window but Slasher managed to gain up enough strength countered with his hand and then slammed Ryan's head into the car window instead. The man whp owned the car came up to them and was yelling at them with his keys in his hands Slasher took the keys and got in the car putting a tazed over Matthews in the front seat with him. Slasher then drove the car as fast as he could up aginst the brick wall and quickly got out the car rolling onto the ground while Ryan was still in the car and then the car rammed hard up against the brick wall!! Ryan who was bleeding now opened the car door himself crawling on the ground after barely standing up from behind came Slasher with a bulldog. Slasher then picked Ryan up and body slammed him on the hood of a BMW. Going up on the hood Slasher set Ryan up for a piledriver and got him half way up into the air.....but Ryan countered by holding on to Slasher's legs and turning it into a body body drop on the roof of the BMW now. Ryan crawled up onto the roof and then put Slasher down hard with a jumping piledriver on the roof denting the roof! The ref then came along finally and warned Ryan that they only have 15 minutes left in the match. With that in mind Ryan picked up Slasher on his shoulder and carried him back to to the stands ito the audience of fans seeing a table near by Ryan put Slasher on the table and drilled Slasher with a hard elbow to the chest trying to make sure he wasn't going to get up. Ryan then headed toward the top of the balcony unaware though the fans helped Slasher up to his feet and led Slasher toward Matthews. Still thinking that Slasher was their Ryan signaled for another senton bomb but when he was just about to fly off top he saw that no one was on the table and almost fell off the balcony into the table...but Slasher came along and Ryan and Slasher fought on the edge of the balcony exchanging punches and fist Slasher tried a hip toss but Ryan stopped it and kicked Slasher in the stomach then tried to scoop slam Slasher but Slasher slided off his shoulder and threw Ryan from behind by the head off the balcony into the table!!!!!! Slasher wasn't done their yet though with the little bit of energy left and he signaled for the flying headbutt yet again and came off top and came down hard on Ryan!!! Making it almost impossible for them to go on so the fans thought, 10 minutes was left in the match Slasher and Ryan were harderly had anything left but then the wrestlers from the back came out and helped Slasher and Ryan back to the ring through the audience with now only 5 minutes left in the match. Slasher and Ryan some how managed to stand up and they exchanged fist and kicks Ryan got the upper hand over Slasher and then he came off the ropes and tried for a clothesline but Slasher reversed and locked on the MISERY DEATH LOCK!!!!! 2 minutes left in the match Slasher still had the hold locked on........2 minutes and 10 seconds.......2 min. and 5......1 minute......30 seconds left...........10 seconds.....(fans counted down as ref was in the ring ready to see if Ryan was going to tap out).....9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2..1....Slasher passed out before Ryan could tap out from the pain of his ribs that he suffered from Matthews!!! As a result the ref rung the bell and ended the match in a draw, the fans stood up and gave noth Matthews and Slasher a standing aplouse!! The EMT's then came out and helped Ryan and slasher up but before the 2 could exit the ring Ryan and Slasher shook each others hand with sincere respect and then they were helped by the EMT's in the back.
Winner: Draw (1 hour).

Highlights of the SOCWF world title tournament and the events leading up to tonight's main event were shown as the ropes were replaced with barbed wire, explosives wired to the turnbuckles, and a staple gun suspended high above. This was the finals of the world heavyweight tournament. The aniticipantion was great.

MAIN EVENT: "BRIAN FASH DEATHMATCH" FOR THE SOCWF WORLD TITLE Brian Flash v. Clawdya Pride for the vacant SOCWF World Heavyweight Title

The SOCWF World Title Belt was carried to the ring in a glass case and set on the timekeepers table. Then "Blue Monday" by Orgy hit the loudspeakers as Brian Flash came to the top of the isleway. He had an extremely mad look on his face as he poured a bottle of water over it. He then walked down the ramp and past the ladder that would be used to get the staple gun. He rolled under the barbed wire and into the ring to an enourmous amount of boos. Then "Black Cat" by Janet Jackson played and Clawdya Pride came out to a loud amount of cheers. She had a whip in her hand as was ready for action. She rolled under the razor sharp barbed wire and into the ring. She wasted no time in going after Brian Flash. The two traded blows as the bell rang. Clawdya kicked Flash in the ribs and hit a DDT. She then picked him up by his long, black hair and pointed toward the exploding turnbuckle. The crowd errupted and a chanted started "Blow him up, Clawdya, blow him up!" Clawdya smiled and Irish whipped Brian Flash into the buckles. Sparks felw as Brian was forced to the ground from the small explosion. His back was burnt, and blood trickle down his back in several spots. She then took her whip and slashed it across Brian's back. He screamed in pain to the enjoyment of the fans. Clawdya then dragged him by his hair to the barbed wire and rakked his face across it. Blood poured from Flashes skull. He rolled out of the ring to get a breather. He then reached in the ring pulled Clawdya out to the cement floor by her foot. He then pulled a table out from under the ring and set it up. Clawdya attacked him from behind while he was doing this and she hit a spin kick, sending Flash back into the ring. Clawdya then walked up the ramp and got the ladder. She took it back into the ring with her and set it up. Flash got back up before she could start to climb it. The two battled and exchanged several well performed manuvers. Brian then sent Clawdya into the barcbed wire after dropkicking her in her back. Her stomach was shredded by the sharp razor wire. Brian began to climb the ladder. He was just inches away from grabbing the staple gun when Clawdya shook the ladder and sent Brain flying. He fell into the barbed wire ropes, tearing the barbed wire to the mat. His abdomen mainly landed on the wire. What a sickening sight! Clawdya then ascended the ladder and grabbed the stapple gun. She climbed back down a drove a staple into the chest of Brian Flash! This is disgusting. Clawdya the hit a slingshot on Flash sending him into another exploding set of trunbuckels. This time Brian hit front first. His face and chest was chared and blood poured from his body all over the ring. Clawdya then tossed the laddr out of the ring and drug Flash to the center of the ring. She jammed about six or seven staples into the hair of Brian Flash, preventing him from kciking out. She then planted a staple in the forehead of Flash before making the cover. The ref counted one, two, thr... SMACK! James Kimson just blasted Clawdya in the back of the head with a chair. He came out of nowhere. The crowd booed louder than ever. He then pulled wire cutters out from his jean pocket and cut off a long strand of barbed wire from the ring. He wrapped it around the face of Clawdya and then DDTed her! Blood poured from her skull all over the ring. Just the Ryan Matthews, injured from his match, limped to the ring with a chair of his own. He bashed Kimson in the head with the chair and sent Kimson off of the ring apron and through the table that Brian Flash had set up earlier. Kimson would have hit thr barbed wire if he didn't recently cut it off of that side of the ring to wrap around Clawdya. Ryan followed with an elbow from the ring apron down to the chest of Kimson. The two brawled to the back. Now both Clawdya and Brian Flash were out cold in the ring. Brian regained conciousness first, but couldn't get up due to the fact that his hair was stapled to the mat. Out of desperation, he reached out and grabbed the wire cutters that Kimson left in the ring. He held the to his head and cut his hair off! Clumps of staples, blood, and hair now stuck to the mat. Clawdya also sumbled to her feet with barbed wire wrapped around her head. Brian kicked her in the stomach and hit the Brian Buster with the barbed wire still tangled around Clawdyas head. He rolled over ontop of Clawdya. The ref counted, 1,2,3! It was over. Kimson cost Clawdya the match! Brian Flash is the new SOCWF World champion! Both cometitors lay motionless in the ring as paramedics rushed to their aid. Many grudges may have ended tonight, but just as many began. The one on everyone's mind was what would happen between Clawdya and Kimson. It's and exciting era in the SOCWF and only time will answer this question, along with many others. The scene faded to black as the paramedics worked on Clawdya and the New SOCWF World Heavyweight Champion, Brian Flash.

WINNER: Brian Flash (new champ)(39:56)