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UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT: We're all sorry to see him go, but Lamonte found that running the site took up too much of his time (he was right!). He gave me, Will, the job so the site could continue to prosper. I'm going to try to run the site as best as I can. I hope to get the Budokai up and going somewhere in the vast future, so while I figure out what I'm doing, you guys can train!


Welcome to the Tenkaichi Budokai this is the 3rd one!!! This tournament happens only once a month and the winner(s) will win the title to call theirself Budokai Champion and the Budokai Award(The Winning Banner plus they get to have a copy off anything of my DBZ homepage and possibly MORE)! This game is simple you just choose your 15 attacks carefully in your fight and you can only 7 blocks (must come up with a good way how to block it or counter or you will get hit and it must be good!) which leaves openings! This means that the person who takes the most damage at the end loses and the person who has lesser wins. (1)So you make a list of moves. (2)Then you put your attacks in order and e-mail me the attacks in order (3)I then will e-mail your attacks to your opponent in order and you 2 will only choose the attacks you want to block or counter your detail on how you block or countered(bc)the attack WILL MATTER so make it good. Also in order to make it better for me you only get to counter an attack one way once! Example: Vegeta shoots ki blast and Gohan dodges(he doesn't have any dodges left). Therefore you have to choose 7 different ways to block or counter your opponents attacks. All you have to do is choose 7 attacks from your opponents list that you think you can block or counter. If you don't understand the rules of the game just e-mail me or go tothe rules section.

If you need me to answer any question feel free to e-mail! If not then sign up and become the Universe's Strongest! I will post all results and to make this short this counter action type of fighting.

King Kai: Having trouble getting a list of attacks for the tournament? I thought you did! Thats why I'm here to train you for the Budokai Tournament. At my place you will learn every attack their ever was and is! Just go to King Kai Place(To get a list of attacks if you don't have any in mind already click here).

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Tenkaichi Budokai

Sign up!: Sign up in the tournament! You MUST give me your e-mail and list your attacks! Without them you WILL NOT be entered into the tournament!
The Tournament: These are the fights(rounds) that will happen in order
Results: These are the results!
Rules: Read these rules before you sign up. I'm sure you already know must of them though.
Training Grounds: Come and train before the tournament if you want to get stronger!
Roster: Look at the people in the Tournament
Hall of Champions: These are the past Champions from each one of the Budokai's!
Gohan World: Visit my offical DBZ homepage!
Holy Power: Visit my Christian homepage! Learn about the Word of God.

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